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Asbestos Consultancy

There is a legal requirement to have a management system for asbestos in each commercial property which has Asbestos Containing Materials, ACMs in the UK. Our expertise starts with understanding our client’s requirements and therefore we can offer free advice to discuss the best solutions and outcomes for any Asbestos issues.

Asbestos Surveys

Do you have Asbestos?
If you don’t know, let us help you find out, An Asbestos Survey is good starting point.

This Survey allows for effective management of Asbestos Containing Materials, to risk assess, and to develop a strategy should further refurbishment or demolition works become necessary.

We have professional P402 Surveyor’s who carry out the out surveys. They will give you advice on where Asbestos might be on your property, and will carry out a free assessment, first to establish if you have any Asbestos.

Then we will perform a walkabout initial survey and if required take samples of suspect materials which will be taken to a trusted UKAS laboratory for analysis and checking.

As per the HSE document "HSG264 Asbestos: The survey guide", we carry out two types of surveys:

  1. Management Surveys:
    This is a standard asbestos survey with the purpose to locate, as far as reasonably practicable, the presence and extent of any suspect Asbestos Containing Materials in the building during normal occupancy.

  2. Demolition / Refurbishment Surveys:
    This survey is required before any refurbishment or demolition work is to be carried out. It is more intrusive and this survey uses more Invasive methods in order to access areas, which would normally be classed as inaccessible within a management survey

The survey report will ideally include the following information:

  1. Scope, type and extent of the survey
  2. The locations with identified or presumed ACMs
  3. Areas not accessed which will be specific to the survey and not generic
  4. ACMs with high material assessment scores
  5. Survey results including tables, marked-up plans and material assessment results
  6. Data to prepare an Asbestos Register (if required)
  7. Clear notes on any actions and priorities.

Asbestos Removal and Disposal

This is Angus Asbestos Removal main business, and we have built up a portfolio of successful relationships with clients locally and globally, over the years to help and assist in Asbestos removal and abatement projects. Asbestos removal can be a sensitive issue for employers and building owners, as there are many Health and Safety concerns regarding the safe removal and disposal of Asbestos. No exposure to the public or employees are paramount for all the projects big or small , hence Asbestos Removal works should only be carried out by a licensed contractor.

We have a highly trained and experienced workforce to organise the Asbestos removal. We can organise it all on behalf of our clients, from the planning and preparation, to the removal and packing stages, to the transportation of the hazardous waste, for final disposal in a licensed landfill facility run by the government organisation Centre for Waste Management in the UAE.

All work carried out by our company Angus is in accordance with the Approved Code of Practice, issued by Centre of Waste Management, UAE, UK and the local Health and Safety Guidelines

Our clients include Government bodies, the Oil and Gas industry, historic sites, property owners and Landlords and home owners.

Personal Protection Equipment- P3 filter Safety Helmet, Safety hood, High visibility vest
Asbestos Removal Double wrapping in heavy duty polythene

Air Monitoring and Safe Environmental Assessments

It is essential to carry out air testing and risk analysis before, during and after any situation in which Asbestos materials have been removed or disturbed.

Our company Angus Asbestos Removal undertakes the following to ensure safe working conditions and that the area is free from potential Asbestos exposure and hazards.

  • Background monitoring in areas where asbestos materials are present.
  • Witnessing smoke tests and commissioning of enclosures.
  • Leak testing for assessing fibre concentrations during removals out-with the enclosure.
  • Personal monitoring during asbestos activities.
  • Four stage clearance testing.
  • Visual inspections.
  • Reassurance monitoring.

Please remember that allowing staff or the public to re-enter an area that has not been properly assessed can result in fatal exposure to asbestos fibres.

It is essential to carry out Air Testing during and after any situation in which Asbestos materials have been removed or disturbed.

We employ UKAS accredited laboratories to carry out background and clearance testing on completion of Asbestos removal works to ensure necessary air quality standards after Asbestos removal works.

Asbestos Land Remediation

One of the increased problems we are encountering is the immediate remediation of asbestos in soils. The demolition of historic buildings along with inadequate waste management practises have both led to many sites being contaminated with asbestos. Typical asbestos containing materials, ACMs found within such sites include asbestos cement products, asbestos insulation debris and asbestos insulation board. We work with clients to identify the most suitable land remediation methods for their sites which may consist of excavation or mechanical screening of asbestos contaminated material. Where possible we will separate ACMs from the affected soil to reduce the volume of waste being disposed of at landfill. During the land remediation process routine background air test are completed to ensure that asbestos fibre exposure levels are not exceeded.

Our work includes:

  • Identification of suitable land remediation measures.
  • Segregation and safe disposal of hazardous materials.
  • Careful monitoring to ensure asbestos fibre exposure level is not exceeded.
  • Ensuring compliance with legislative and environmental requirements.