Building Demolition

In Demolition, we provide clients with expertise on dismantling structures from small installations to large industrial, residential and high-rise projects.

The heights will determine the different methods of dismantling.

Since 1982, we have been involved in all aspects of Project Management in the Demolition Contracting Industry in the United Kingdom (UK) and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

When you hire our team, they work closely with your personnel to develop a customized demolition strategy allowing you to rest assured that projects will be executed safely and efficiently.

We have carried out the Safe Demolition of the Buildings and Disposal of the Demolition Waste Material in Fisherman’s Wharf, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Recent Projects

We have carried out Asbestos Removal, Survey, Scrap Removal & Disposal and Pre-Demolition Works at Meena Plaza, Abu Dhabi.

The Polphail Village (the Ghost Town), Portvadie, Arguylle & Bute, Scotland

Our team has worked in varied terra (urban and rural) and different conditions with each experience enriching them to deliver excellent results and set new benchmarks.

We make great efforts to minimise disruption to nearby businesses and neighbourhoods, and the environment in general.

All works are carried out in accordance with the the relevant ISO standards and risk assessments are carried out at all times.